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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Memberships

Who can become a member?

  • (Free) 100+ Latinos Membership is open to any self identified Latino professional that is currently working, living and thriving in Greater Cleveland. 

  • (Paid) Latino Ready™ Membership is open to a member of any cohort of the 100+ Latinos  CLE Must Know who registers and pays the membership fee.

Can I join at any time?

  • No, membership registration is only open once a year during December..

    • Note: You can join for any year calendar year and it is not limited to your 100+ Latino cohort year.

Can the membership be prorated if I joined after the deadline?

  • Since the membership is only open once a year during December, there is no prorated option after registration period.

Can I ask my employer to cover the membership fee?

  • Absolutely! We recommend using the following template to present your proposal to your manager.  

Dear [Manager's First Name],
I’m requesting your approval to [become a member / renew my membership] for the Latino Ready™ Program. As you may know, AmMore Consulting is one of the main agencies for Latino Professionals, with more than 400 of members from around Northeast Ohio. The Latino Ready™ Program continues to be a leading force by educating fellow industry professionals on becoming an effective leader within their organizations via online resources, a robust professional and leadership educational curriculum and monthly networking opportunities.  
An individual membership fee costs $299 and grants me immediate access to:
  • Programming to improve my Leadership and Professional Skills
  • A Community of Like-Minded Professionals
  • Curated, Culturally-Centered Programs & Resources
  • Exclusive Opportunities from AmMore Partners
I genuinely believe that this membership would be a wise investment and would positively impact both our processes and my professional development. I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss this.
[Your First Name]

What is the time commitment?

  • It is up to you! You can participate in as little or as much as you want. We will offer one networking a month (some virtual, some in person, with options in different areas of the city), one virtual or in person professional/leadership development program a month, weekly communications and office hours. 

Do I need to attend all events and use all program perks?

  • Up to you! Take advantage of what makes sense to you, and your professional and leadership goals.

Are events held mostly in person or mostly virtual?

  • We are offering a variety of events in a variety of locations to be sensitive and include all our members. Some will be in person and some will be virtual; during the winter months, most of the events and programs will be virtual.

I no longer live in Northeast Ohio, is it worth it for me to join?

  • It depends on your goals and particular situation. Many Latinos from other regions have joined the program and have found value in the programming and events offered. Since there are virtual events, you will have the opportunity to join in easily. Keep in mind though that in person events will largely be held in the Northeast Ohio region and so you will need to decide you can attend those and whether the program provides you enough value without this option.

What are some examples of events and programs included in the membership?

  • Curriculum and resources include topics such as: leveraging Linkedin, how to become a board member, public speaking, salary negotiation, resume and interviewing skills, professional branding, all with a culturally centered perspective and approach. 

How do I join?

I cannot afford the membership at this time, what can I do?


I met with Marcia for a one hour Pick My Brain Session; it was the most strategic and insightful coaching hour I’ve invested in. I left our meeting with tangible items to work on not only on my professional development.

Estefany R.

Marcia is a valuable asset to organizations & individuals alike looking to leverage the advantages of inclusive professional and leadership development.

Elaine S.

Marcia is a visionary leader committed to creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

Marcela G.

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